Our Nursery

Hollytree Nursery has a welcoming culture and from the minute of stepping inside you can feel there is a warm welcoming atmosphere with approachable caring staff. The nursery genuinely takes an interest in your child’s learning and development and staff are enthusiastic each step of the way. We celebrate your child’s success with certificates, star of the week trophy and enjoying sharing special news and events in your child and families life.

There is an emphasis on outdoor learning and staff in each playroom plan for experiences outdoors every day. We have triple buggies for walks with the babies and are lucky to be in an environment where parks, woodland areas and local libraries are available to our service.

The playrooms are grouped by age and each has their own unique name:

*Babies 0-2 years + Squirrels and Foxes
*Toddlers 2-3years + Robins
 Preschool 3-5 years Owls

*Children move once per year in summer depending on when child’s birthday falls this decides when they move to next playroom